Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Tyranny of 3-Legged Branding

Herescope continues to expose the roots of the growing global social gospel...

"...can the Church set a truly global-compassionate agenda? Or will all of this partnering degenerate into mutual back-scratching, nation-building, and coffer-filling? In fact, will the Church merely function as the water-boy for the multinationals and the governments they control? Who is funding all of this P.E.A.C.E.? The potential exists for Rick Warren's global "distribution system" to be utterly compromised by its "partnering" with Corporate and State legs -- locally, nationally, and even globally. Rick Warren wrote:

"At the World Economic Forum in Davos you will hear endlessly recited the importance of public and private partnerships in attacking global problems. While that is certainly essential, it is not enough. Neither business nor government has the universal distribution, the army of volunteers or the credibility in villages to get the job done. A one- or two-legged stool will fall over. You need three legs."

Will this 3-legged, institutionalized, networked, corporatized, branded global church be an antidote to "tyranny"? Or, will it perpetuate "tyranny" in the name of compassion?


  1. Brian BarberJune 06, 2007

    Interesting. I think scripture has a lot to say about this...unequally yoked...showing favoritism. Did Warren even consider this when he was coming up with PEACE? Even when it is done in the name of compassion there is great risk to the purity of the church when it joins itself to the world or becomes indebted to the world and its systems.

  2. Brian,

    Given Peter Drucker's tutoring, I suspect Rick Warren sincerely believes this is the way to go,
    regardless of what the Scriptures command. After all, as Rick says, "I don't care why you do good, as long as you do good." Another indicator of biblical disconnect.


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