Friday, February 15, 2008

Purpose Driven Lent Part II

From Roger Oakland at Understand The Times:

The article that follows is titled "It's the season to deepen a walk with God." The first paragraph states: "This Lent could be a season to deepen your walk with God. How? I suggest reading--or re-reading--the most significant book published in the last century: "The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren"

Based on this information found in the article that we are posting it should be obvious that Purpose Driven Christianity has become an ecumenical tool that is uniting Roman Catholics with so-called evangelical Christians..

Therefore if Purpose Driven Christianity is a form of Christianity that promotes building the kingdom by working together with Roman Catholics, Muslims, and anyone else, no matter what their religion, .is this the church that Jesus Christ shed His blood for on the cross at Calvary so that sinners could spend eternity in heaven?

From Roger Oakland's book Another Jesus:

Acceptance of the Eucharist by evangelical Christians has been simmering in the background for some time. Chuck Colson's Evangelicals and Catholics Together document played a significant role with desensitizing believers into finding common ground with Catholicism. Rick Warren has openly shown, time and again, his affinity to joining Catholicism and evangelicalism together. But as we have succinctly pointed out in our other works, it is mysticism that unites all the world's religious traditions. In that mystical realm that is achieved through contemplative prayer, it is taught that God is in all things, and God is all things.

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