Monday, February 11, 2008

New Baptist Covenant's the Height of Hypocrisy

New Baptist Covenant's talk of unity is the height of hypocrisy:

The AP reported that host and former President Jimmy Carter "hopes (the) moderate Baptist meeting in Georgia will serve as (a) model of unity." Among the keynote speakers were a couple of other infamous White House Baptists: Brother Bill Clinton and Brother Al Gore. The Christian Post also reported on the meeting where Lillian Kwon wrote that they are "hoping an image of unity will emerge."

Apparently, if real unity isn't achieved, an image of unity will suffice, which, to me, further validates the reputation liberals have earned over the years for seeking symbolism over substance...

"For the first time in more than 160 years, we are convening a major gathering of Baptists throughout an entire continent, without any threat to our unity caused by differences of our race or politics or geography or the legalistic interpretation of Scripture," said Carter, 84, who spearheaded the new movement.

Without the legalistic interpretation of Scripture?

I'm curious to know how a smiley-faced slap like this across the turned cheeks of his more conservative Christian brothers and sisters in attendance (assuming there were any) enhances the unity he alleged to be after. Maybe it was just a slip of the forked tongue and what he intended to say was: any threat to our unity caused by the literal interpretation of Scripture. Or, could it be Carter considers the words "legalistic" and "literal" to be synonymous?

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