Monday, February 4, 2008

Reconcile This, Rick?

Rick Warren's call for "reconciliation between evangelical and mainstream churches in order to stop the mainline churches from dying adds to the rising tide of ecumenism and deception in Western Evangelicalism.

Here's a quick snapshot of what Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren wants all to embrace and help save these apostate churches:

The Episcopal Church

The United Methodist Church

The Roman Catholic Church

This post will not attempt to identify all the implications of apostate Roman Catholicism. However, the following current events highlight some significant issues:

So, America's pastor wants an ecumenical festival of faiths. The Bible has another term for what Rick Warren and others promote. It's called spiritual HARLOTRY. The term also applies to the 40 Days of Purpose and to the thousands of pastors who have led their churches through it.

See more examples of apostasy in other mainline churches here.

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  1. "Can't we all just get along"? /sarc

    See, Rick says stuff like 'we cant just cover over our differences' and then he turns around and advocates doing EXACTLY that? Double minded man!


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