Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marian Apparitions Or Encounters of The Third Kind?

Best selling author L.A. Marzulli examines the Fatima apparitions and offers an explanation for these events that is out of this world...literally:

"...the events in Fatima might have been what I have come to call, a Harbinger of Deception. Many witnesses claimed to have seen a disc-like object, in front of the sun. Most of the people who were in the field that day, had their world view rocked, as what they experienced was outside anything in their paradigm and world view. With all due respect to the Catholic church and those who believe it was Mary of the Bible that appeared so long ago, let me say this. What happened in Fatima parallels the modern UFO phenomena in many ways. In my opinion, the events that took place were a harbinger, a forerunner of the deception that will come upon the whole earth in these last days. remember 70 thousand people had their world view turned upside down that day. What will happen to yours when a 2 mile wide craft reveals itself? Will you believe the lie? Will you fall for the Alien Gospel - that they created all life on this planet, established the worlds religions, were responsible for the miracles in the Bible and are now back at this critical juncture in human history to help us?"
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