Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Purpose Driven Network: Modern Day Mystery Cult

In chapter one of The Baptist Churches of All Ages by Paul Goodwin and Bob Frazier , the secret of Roman Catholism's growth is examined...

The Catholic Church, highly organized, moved forward to plant churches and propagate her doctrines in many lands. Relentlessly she moved forward from victory to victory. What was the secret of her rapid growth? The answer is simple. She conquered by consuming the religions about her.

In a college textbook, An Introduction to Medieval Europe by Thompson and Johnson, page 33, the writers explain the survival of Paganism.

Paganism as a distinct and separate religion may perhaps be said to have died, although, driven out of the cities, it found refuge in the countryside, where it lingered long—and whence, indeed, its very name is derived.

In a very real sense, however, it never died at all. It was only transformed and absorbed into Christianity. It is this transformation, and the absorption of classical culture in its various manifestations into the very substance of Christianity which, perhaps more than anything else, explains why after its toleration Christianity swept on with such relentless force to become the undisputed- heir of the whole complex of Mediterranean civilization.

Commenting further on the absorbing qualities of the Church these same writers say:

The competing oriental mystery cults Christianity overcame by becoming itself an oriental mystery cult.

Rick Warren's Purpose Driven church growth strategy is built a similar premise. Conform to the unbelievers' sensitivities and erect buildings to honor the methodology's popularity. Invoke a works doctrine to achieve expansion objectives. Remove the two edged sword of the Biblical Truth and add experiential religious practices from Bhuddism, Hinduism and New Age spirituality .

History repeats itself...The Purpose Driven Network has become a mystery religion cult.

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