Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rick Warren's Polarization of “Positive” vs. “Negative”

Life In The Church examines Rick Warren's Mathematics & Relationship tweet:

"...Do you notice inference of the terms here? That only adding and multiplying are good. The insinuation here is that if there are people in your life that subtract or divide you shouldn’t value them. This is the problem with pop psychology masquerading under the term “Christianity.”

And maybe this is the problem in general. Valuing cutesy little sayings instead of Scripture. In fact, this twitter post was reposted on twitter by more than 100 people – presumably Christian followers of this pastor, showing that people heap up before themselves teachers who tickle their ears, and in return they parrot their musings. These teachings come from Dear Abby and Dr. Phil more than from Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

...I hope that those who hear this would highly value the one who divides you from the goats and subtracts your sin from you. Stop paying attention to pop cultures pastors who communicate sermons based on psychology in 128 characters or less. There is more to be said. The Words of Jesus in the Bible communicate very effectively."

See the rest at Life In The Church.

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