Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Virgin Mary Visits San Antonio Apartment Complex

Virgin Mary visits Comal County complex, residents claim

COMAL COUNTY -- Residents at an apartment complex on FM 482 say they have a renewed sense of hope after they say the Virgin Mary came to them.

Linda Cabrera says she saw the apparition for the first time on an early Saturday morning two weeks ago.

"It was shiny, just like the shape of the Virgin Mary," Cabrera said.

Cabrera said the apparition appeared to be floating on the wall of a building. It lasted for two to three hours, she added.

"No joke, this is something awesome -- it's amazing," she said.

The amazing image, Cabrera said, returned again exactly a week later around the same time.

"A lot of beautiful things came to mind," Cabrera said, "It's a big miracle."

She wasn't the only one to see the apparition. Other residents claim they saw the image on the building, too.

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