Tuesday, April 6, 2010

John Piper Opens The Door To the Lion's Den

History repeating itself.

A congregation led by a Biblical pastor sees the introduction of pseudo-theological ideas. A few people instantly recognize the man-centered commercialism, but most pay no mind to what the pastor has said because the pastor is just that...the pastor.

Soon the church is put on a course that departs from it's Biblical moorings and is now powered by marketing and CEO style leadership. Any member that expresses concern about the departure from Scriptural authority is marginalized, maligned and bullied out of the church.

This church growth methodology has been championed by Rick Warren. Warren also advocates interfaith acceptance in the name of doing good works. He asked Islam's Allah for forgiveness. He encourages formal relations with Roman Catholicism. His best selling book edifies Roman Catholic mystics.

This is just the tip of Warren's mired and polluted theological, doctrinal iceberg.

Now, Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church and Desiring God ministries has invited Rick Warren to speak at the 2010 Desiring God Conference in October. This decision is polarizing Evangelicals, and rightfully so. Internet commentary from the Reformed and Liberal camps is drawing a line in cybersand.

For those people who experienced the great pain of being thrown on the tracks because the pastor was on the Purpose Driven train, this news is crushing.

Why? Because John Piper, a pastor with a tremendous reputation for his pursuit of Biblical truth and the glorification of God is validating Warren's methodologies and theology with this invitation. Methodologies and a theology that is diametrically opposed to the very theology that John Piper espouses.

Has John Piper become seduced with America's star studded pastor?

Will the congregation at Bethlehem Baptist Church dare to stand up and call their pastor into account for this error? Is someone at BBC willing to contend for the faith and resist this purpose driven endorsement?

Only time will tell.

And now, for those Christians who suffered Purpose Driven dismemberment, John Piper is opening up the door to the lion's den.

History repeating itself.


  1. Thanks for this post. I cannot agree with the many well meaning Christians that call Piper a brother and call for us to simply sweep another one of his mistakes under the rug, so to speak.

    Piper is a grown man not the victim here and I am convinced he has not been "seduced" or "duped" by Rick Warren, he is very well aware of what his actions mean, that is why he put his video response out there in order to lessen the impact it would have on his minsitry, this would make him a deciever also, and we should seperate from him and his minsitry .

    I realise my comments will be seen as harsh nevertheless I believe that the church is lacking in discernment and needs to waken up to this kind of deception.

    This scripture came to mind as I was thinking on this issue :

    Joh 10:12 But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them.

  2. Dale,

    Thank you for you comment. Time must be given for repentance, whic also includes time for the congregation at BBC to address the issue with their pastor.

    This situation creates a test for both pastor and congregation. If either ignore their Biblical obligation to correction, then at that time one or they other is to be treated as a tax collector.

  3. Dale,

    Thank you for your comment. Time must be given for repentance, which also includes time for the congregation at BBC to address the issue with their pastor.

    This situation creates a test for both pastor and congregation. If either ignore their Biblical obligation to correction, then at that time one or the other is to be treated as a tax collector.

  4. I know this sound like the(cliche)Christian thing to say! But we must pray that the Lord will get a hold of John’s heart before this day comes in October! I hope in the coming days John will see the out pouring of his faithful brothers and sisters, who are (very) concerned for the true biblical Gospel! And that John will realize for himself, what a great error of miss-judgement he has made about a man (Warren) who has deceived many into believing a lie….. As the Apostle Paul said “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints” Eph 6:18. Again we must pray for our brother who is not seeing things in a clear biblical manner at this moment in his life!

    Your brother in Christ


  5. Mike,

    I agree...and prayer for the congregation.


  6. Dale, I agree whole-heartedly. Time is up for Piper and the reason I say that is because Piper has done this VERY THING REPEATEDLY. He has been rebuked and confronted over his defiant defense of X-rated Driscoll & Paul S*** Tripp, as well as (to a pathetically lesser extent) Doug Wilson (Federal Vision heretic).

    Its not that Piper hasn't been warned or is ignorant. He's arrogantly defiant. He pretends to be teachable (one tactic he used in defending Driscoll last year about words we use), when in fact he as his position and age claim, he's the more "mature" Christian, supposedly equipped to teach younger men. His video last year claimed he's trying to figure it out about words and pushing the envelope, bla bla bla. Please.

    The arrogance shown in his latest video belie his mia culpa of a "pride issue" and thus stepping sort-of away from the pulpit (except he's going to show off Tricky Warren and play in the sandbox with him in October). Its a sham. And its his idea of "Christian" hedonism.

    True repentance will be a thorough apology, stepping down from the pulpit completely, and never EVER justifying, rather deploring ALL he has done in the last several years.

  7. Denise,

    If this is a "repeat offense" on John Piper's part, it is a reflection of God's mercy. We can only hope that this is the final issue that brings repentance and restoration.

    We are all like sheep.

  8. Dear WL:

    I appreciate your take on Piper's invite to Rick Warren. The Scriptures speak to the issue in blunt terms.

    Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple,” (Rom. 16:17-18).

    In my second follow up to my original article from March 30, in which I posted confirmation of Piper's invite to Rick Warren, I go into additional details on what the fallout might and IMO should be. See, John Piper to Feature Rick Warren: What Are the T4G Men For to Do?

    Bottomline for me is this: In regard to Rick Warren the mandates in verse 17 apply and there is no subjective decision to make. Piper, however, chose to ignore the Scriptures to embrace Rick Warren, to defend and give him recognition, which will lend credibility to Warren and his methods. Piper puts impressionable believers, who follow him (Piper) at risk. Piper offers Warren a national platform, which could through his, “good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple,” (Acts 20:30) and lead to their spiritual demise.

    What Piper has done is inexcusable. IMO, Piper apart from repenting over his action has numbered himself among the disobedient. And the Scriptures mandate our response to him and Warren.


  9. Lou,

    Thank you for the head's up about your posts! I, too, wondered how the T4TG team would respond.
    And I do believe a significant change in course will occur between now and October.

    John Piper is flirting with heresy. And to Denise's point, Piper's announcement of going on leave may be part of the Lord's work on this issue.


  10. I think that the events from Easter Sunday at Warren's church (Saddleback) are just another indication of where Piper has made a grave error.

    It was announced a few weeks ago that the boy group Jonas Brothers would preform. I immediately shared outrage for this attempt to be "relevant" and defame Resurrection Sunday. I got push back from people who told me that the Jonas Brothers were Christian and would likely lead worship that week. Unfortunately, not only did they do their regular book of songs, but one actually said that he made a commitment to HIMSELF to not let diabetes slow him down.

    Where was Christ?

    Read more here: http://morebooksandthings.blogspot.com/2010/04/jonas-brothers-thing.html

  11. I’ve not read too many blogs concerning this event but the ones I have seen so far have not mentioned the sovereignty of God in this event. God predestined this from before the foundation of the world. Therefore, how much of the angst among the saints is God refining His bride in causing us to check our hearts? Ultimately, Piper only answers to God, and no one else.

    Do I think Piper is wrong by inviting Warren? Yes! I was greatly saddened. But I will also temper my reaction/comments so “that might not sin against God.” And I will continue to be about what God has me doing in my local church and let God deal with His Church and John Piper.

  12. I agree, I would rather Warren not be there. Then again, I would probably rather not see a number of people commenting on this blog there either. Standing up biblically for truth requires wisdom and love along with the facts, and truth without love is pretty annoying and disgusting. Something like a noisy gong.

  13. Why has no one considered that blackmail may be the basis of the Piper decision. Hidden sin can destroy any man perceived as godly, especially one who has an exalted reputation. Those who practice their Christianity based on worldly methods to achieve their goals, use them just as Satan would. Perhaps what is needed is a call for confession and repentance, if that is what has made Piper betray the firm Truth of the Gospel.





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