Saturday, April 17, 2010

Piper & Warren: Pride, Priests & Purpose

"I… I’m uh… I’m uh… I need … I’m gonna need help to know why I should feel bad about this decision."- John Piper defending his decision to invite Rick Warren to Piper's Desiring God conference.

Does John Piper feel bad about the millions of people trapped in the false religious system known as Roman Catholicism? Does he feel bad that Rick Warren helps Roman Catholics remain trapped in Catholicism?

In 2005, Warren's Southeast Asia PD node reported on the roll out of PD to Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines...

Also in 2005, Catholic featured this press release: Purpose Driven Church “Goes Catholic”

The Purpose Driven Church will—for the first time ever—be bringing their evangelical message of living out God’s five purposes to a Catholic Church: Holy Family Parish in Inverness, Illinois.
...Each day’s session begins at 9 a.m., and will be delivered by Pastor Bret Schrock of the Purpose Driven Ministries.

Rick Warren partnered with the Anglican-created, Roman Catholic-promoted Alpha Course.

Pastor Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries questions John Piper's claim that RICK WARREN'S DOCTRINAL AND SOUND?

John Piper doesn't feel bad about his decision.

There is still time to repent and restore.

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  1. We must earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, diligently and prayerfully searching the scriptures to fortify ourselves against all wolves in sheep clothes.

  2. So true. Who would have ever thought that we'd have to fight so hard, even against our own "brethren"?

  3. You got it write Watcher's! No one can deny the ongoing push of Roman Catholicism through Warren and his PDL and PEACE plan.

    But some think the RCC isn't alll THAT BAD. They even think justification by works isn't THAT bad, its just another view (a la Douglas Wilson of the Federal Vision heresy whom Piper promoted last year at the DG conference).

    So will it matter that Warren is Inter-Faith? Nope. 'Cause it didn't matter when Doug Wilson the heretic showed up either.

    Welcome to "Christian" "Hedonism" where you can ignore the false teaching, promote false teachers, claim ignorance, and pretend humility. As long as people say they luuuuuv Jesus and even through in a Tulip here or there, its all good!


    At what point will Piper or his defenders admit there is such a thing as a heretic among them? Would they even be able to identify one? So far they can't---but we can. The Word is clear.


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