Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Worse Than John Piper's Invite To Rick Warren?

What's worse than John Piper inviting Rick Warren to the DG conference?

It's John Piper on video justifying his own actions and Rick Warren's theology and ministry.

It's John Piper on video classifying the issues others have with Warren simply as secondary separation issues.


Asking Allah for forgiveness, entertaining homosexual activists (and then acting like you weren't because you were "out of town"), espousing interfaith and pluralism internationally as a representative of "Christianity", never mind the mutilation of Scripture and promoting a false gospel in the name of church growth. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

John Piper minimizes the manifold issues Warren represents to Biblical Christianity.

In a cloaked manner, John Piper patronizes the critics by saying it's just "hanging out with someone".

No Dr Piper, it is not just "hanging out with someone".

Rationalizing and patronizing are the same techniques 100's of other pastors used to counter church members who stood against the use of Warren's materials in their churches.

Why did pastors resort to those tactics? Because the Purpose Driven program teaches those tactics. Pastors use those tactics to get what they want...out of pride and ambition.

Anyone who does not feel the sting of John Piper's actions and comments does not know enough about Rick Warren's theology and ministry or doesn't know enough about the Bible. Or both.

This flock is getting fleeced.


  1. What about the other speakers that are going to be at the conference, like RC Sproul?

  2. This isn't all that surprising, actually. Although Piper does present solid apologetics when it comes to many of the doctrines of grace, he has been a false teacher for many years.

    Piper believes and teaches that all people have the truth inside of them and that they need to listen to their hearts to hear God calling them. This is the basis for his Desiring God ministry, books, conferences, etc. He teaches that evangelism works because the evangelist is able to touch that part of the hearer that is deep inside and get the hearer to recognize that it has been God that he has been searching for all along.

    Obviously, this is NOT what the Bible says. Piper is dead wrong. So, with this foundational belief, it is not surprising that Piper is now linking up with people like Rick Warren. This has been a long time coming. I don't expect Piper to change his mind about inviting Warren, but if he does, it will only be because he is trying to not lose a big part of his audience.

  3. Great post. I completely agree. I was appalled at his "guilt-trip" he tried to play on everyone at the end of his video. He should be ashamed of himself.



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