Friday, May 2, 2014

Rivers Turning 'Blood Red' Around The World! A Sign?

River in Switzerland Turns Red; No explanation

While governments and scientists are baffled by these events, the explanation is clear to those of us who participate in this web site: Almighty God is warning us to repent our sins. Of course, you may find such a belief ridiculous (which is part of the problem) but the Holy Bible, written two thousand or so years ago, foretold of this type of event. In The Book of Revelation, Chapter 16, Verse 4, we were warned:

And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

It isn't hard to believe that humanity is being warned by God to repent its sins, or to see that humanity, in its arrogance, is ignoring these warnings, as was also foretold in the Bible.

For us, we believe in YHVH which some pronounce "YAHWEH" and others pronounce "Jehovah" who is the one, true, almighty God. We believe and assert that he is the Creator of us and of all things. We believe and assert that he always was, always is and always shall be. We repent our sins, ask YHWH to forgive us, and pray that we be granted Salvation through Y'Shua, whom we are taught was called Jesus, the Christ, Messiah.

We make no apology to anyone for our beliefs, or for worshiping Almighty God. We urge everyone to get right with the Lord because he is just and his judgments are righteous. He cannot be lied to, fooled, conned or snookered. We fear his just and righteous punishment for our sins, and suggest you should too.

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