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Lord willing, another time I’ll have more on this as it concerns the rapidly apostatizing charismatic James Robison, so this isn’t meant to be exhaustive. It begins with what I covered here at Apprising Ministriesin my 2011 article James Robison and Rick Warren Working to Reverse the Protestant Reformation.
Therein I gave you Robison’s Life Today TVy program for Thursday, December 1, 2011. James Robison’s guest was “Father” Jonathan Morris, who is a Parochial Vicar at an historic Roman Catholic church called St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York. In addition, Morris is often a news analyst for the FOX News Channel.
Morris is also author of God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God’s Help (GWYH). As we turn now to my personal copy of Morris’ book GWYH, you’ll see below that Rick Warren, arguably one of the most influential pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention, says on the back cover of his good friend’s GWYH:
A significant part of this “transformation” is the reversal of the Protestant Reformation, and the acceptance of the Roman Catholic Church as a Christian denomination, that is well underway within evangelicalism.1 In that Thursday, December 1, 2011 mentioned above, Morris made the following very telling statement:
As evangelicals and Catholics; Christians,… I believe there’s a…there’s a evangelical/Catholic movement that’s going on…
Indeed, there is; and, as you’ll come to see, it’s rooted in charismania. More on that in a moment; but first, you may recall in Under God and Joined with Apostates I told you about Robison’s July 2012 church leadership conference Under God Indivisible (UGI), which featured Word Faith heretics and Roman Catholic spokesmen.
One of them was Jonathan Morris. UGI also happened to contain the name of James Robinson’s latest book Indivisible, which he had just co-wrotten with another apostate Roman Catholic friend, Dr. Jay Richards. To no one’s surprise, it called for evangelicals and Roman Catholics to strive for unity in the Body of Christ. 
Fast forward to James Robison’s program for Monday, May 5, 2014 featuring “Bishop” Tony Palmer. From the opening of the program we see a call for unity where there can be none. The Roman Catholic Church anathematized the Gospel and no real Christian has fellowship with faithful Roman Catholics like Pope Francis.
Robison told us that Palmer is “a really truly spirit-filled evangelical from the Anglican Episcopal Church.”2 He then went  on to further introduce Palmer informing us that:
he developed a relationship and a friendship with a man who happened to become the Pope, Pope Francis. It is a miracle what God is doing.
I want you to welcome a man that I believe is a part of seeing the prayer of Jesus answered in our day that we become supernaturally perfected in unity — not sameness, unity. (source)
The two men discuss Tony Palmer’s friendship with his “spiritual father” Pope Francis and how it is that Palmer ended up with the video of Pope Francis you’ll see in just a bit. This is from the official transcript of the show:
James: I really appreciate you. We have been a supporter and an encourager of your work, your mission outreach. Let me just ask you, how in the world did you come to meet the man who is now Pope and actually not only be a friend but remain a friend? Tell us a little bit about that.
Bishop Palmer: It was back in 2006, I was asked to go down to Argentina to work with the Charismatic Catholics because they have quite a Charismatic revival going on within the Catholic church and has been for almost 50 years. So it’s protocol whenever we go into a diocese of another Bishop, we visit the Bishop, ask him if we can work in his diocese. That’s exactly how we met.
When he found out that my wife, being a charismatic Catholic herself, and our children, he thought it was quite entertaining. So he offered a friendship to me immediately. Here is this evangelical Anglican married to a Charismatic Catholic.[Laughter] So I said, “Look, we’re covering all the bases here.” [Laughter] So he offered me a friendship. Two years after that, 2008, I asked if he would be my mentor and a spiritual father to me, and our relationship just deepened from there. (source)
Palmer continues on to mention a personal meeting he had with his friend Pope Francis in late January of this year. Robison is obviously impressed and says:
James: So it wasn’t just a little handshake. He actually saw you right in his apartment?
Bishop Palmer: Yeah, we spent the morning together.
James: That’s amazing! (source)

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