Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Rise of Satanic Temple and the Sleeping Seeker Sensitive


 By Paul McGuire

May 12, 2014

...The modern Church does not believe in and underestimates the enormous power in the spiritual, intellectual, and scientific dimensions. The Satanists and the Luciferian elite understand the incredible power that can be accessed from the spiritual word or fourth dimension and the gateway of the human imagination. While Christians “celebrate Jesus” in their sensitivity workshops once called churches, Satanists and those who serve Lucifer are conducting rituals and ceremonies that enable them to open portals in another dimension that allow the entrance of supernatural power and armies of demons onto the Earth. Their battle field is the mind and that is why Illuminati symbolism, occult symbols, Satanism, and witchcraft fill music videos and films. Christians are under some kind of a spell and in a trance and often have that glazed look in their eyes. They cannot see, as they did not see in Nazi Germany, that powerful demonic armies are interfacing with earthly powers and the stage is being set for a repeat of what happened in Germany. Suddenly and without notice, the spiritual powers of darkness will rise and a new holocaust of blood, horror, and slaughter will begin.

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