Monday, September 24, 2007

Calling NC Baptists: Do You Follow A Perverted Gospel?

Christian Research Network Reports:

Doug Pagitt Says John MacArthur Preaches A Perverted Gospel

In a post this morning over at Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson shares a somewhat startling judgement coming from emerging church pastor and Emergent spokesman Doug Pagitt:

"I would strongly encourage you to have a much more full and biblical understanding of the gospel, and not form a faith based on any interpretation of one verse.
I’m not sure you’d be interested in this, but I have just finished a book somewhat on this topic.

I think it might give you a more full understanding of the gospel than the one perverted by the likes of John MacArthur. I do not say "perverted" lightly, either. I really think what he communicates is so distant from the message of the Bible that it is dangerously harmful to people. If you heard the interview and his comments about a God who is "above us," I certainly hope you would see this."

Editor's Note:

If Doug Pagitt is opposed to the Gospel that John MacArthur testifies to and stresses MacArthur's "perversion" of it, then what Gospel does the North Carolina State Baptist Convention believe if they are bringing Pagitt to their stage in October?

Or does "autonomy" grant immunity from idolatry, heresy and false teaching?

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