Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christianity Today Casts The Next Stone at Israel

Christianity Today? Or Politics Today? by Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily:

Christianity Today has determined "what it means to love Israel."
What it means is slicing it up geographically and turning over most of the historically Jewish lands to Israel's most bitter enemies – people sworn to eradicate the tiny Jewish presence in the Middle East.

In an editorial this month, the magazine came out with both barrels blazing in favor of a "two-state solution" that would turn over most, if not all, of Judea and Samaria and surely half of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority terrorists who are still, to this day, sworn to Israel's annihilation.

Like lukewarm spiritual and political moderates, Christianity Today tries to chart a middle course between "replacement theology," that suggests the modern rebirth of Israel has no biblical or prophetic significance, and "dispensationalists," who believe Jews have a God-given birthright to a land never claimed by any other people during an 1,800-year diaspora.

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