Monday, September 10, 2007

The New Global Humanitarian

Rick Warren is billed as Global Humanitarian and Influencer for the upcoming Catalyst Conference . The conference is described as "a unique approach to programming and learning, defined by fun, dynamic attendee experience, leaders are personally challenged to become "change agents" within their organizations for the ongoing creation and emergence of the church."

Presenters include the emerging, entertaining, ecumenical, environmental, and the economical such as: Andy Stanley, John C. Maxwell, Erwin McManus, Mark Batterson, Chris Seay, and Leonard Sweet.

Warren is also throwing his weight behind the 2008 One Vote Campaign, along with Emergent "church" leader Brian McClaren. Both represent the Biblically-neutral, but politically active "faith community" in the fight to eradicate global poverty.

Warren is featured on the One Vote video describing the "three-legged stool" approach to bring global social change that his PEACE plan represents. "We can't do it ( eradicate poverty, AIDS, etc. ) with just government alone, just business alone, we need the faith-based community..."

Once again, Warren reduces the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lowest common denominator...the physical needs of mankind. Warren's social gospel is comprised of ecumenical pragmatism, neglecting the real spiritual famine of the fallen world that he is attempting to save.

See how Warren's humanitarianism resembles the United Nations' opinion of how "faith-based" communities fit in the global community.

More background on Warren's PEACE plan and the globalization of the One World Religion here.

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  1. Global Humanitarian and Influencer

    What? Not "preacher of the Gospel"???

    30 Million Books Sold

    Yeah kinda like McDonalds isn't it! And just as good for you!


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