Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stand For Christian Research Net

Many folks have been blessed by the great work that the Christian Research Network and Apprising Ministries have done to battle the real giants that are attacking the Word of God: heresy, deception and false teachers.

What folks may not realize is that Ken Silva and his wife manage the daily operations of both sites, in addition to Ken's pastoring of a fellowship. In an interview on the Mike Corley show, Ken Silva shared that the spiritual battle is raging, and his ministries are under attack spiritually and financially. Despite the recent assaults from proponents of the emerging church movement, Ken Silva stands as a flint against the flood of deception. Ken also shared that his wife is traveling to be with her mother whose failing health is turning terminal. Ken clearly stated his conviction and unshaken confidence in standing on the Rock.

Now is the time for like minded Christians on the 'Net to stand and support Pastor Ken Silva, the work of Christian Research Network and Apprising Ministries.

Prayerfully consider the following:
1. Pray for the protection, strengthening and encouragement of Ken and his family.
2. Email a note of encouragement to Ken Silva at:
3. Alert other blogs and websites and ask that this appeal be shared with their readers.
4. Give a gift of any amount to under gird the ministries at Christian Research Network and Apprising ministries. Visit Apprising Ministries donation page or mail your gift to:

Apprising Ministries
P.O. BOX 340
Claremont, NH 03743

This blog is making this need known out of brotherly Christian love and concern for Pastor Ken Silva & his faithful work and pray that you will do the same.


  1. Does Ken's church support him financially?

  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for asking. My church, Connecticut River Baptist Church, is but 5-6 who meet in the home of one of its members so they cannot financially support me.

    Both websites are fully integrated auxiliaries under the guidance of CRBC's leadership, which is one of the ways they help.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth and Ken,
    Correction made on post.

  4. Dear Jim,

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to fellowship with Pastor Ken at this time,



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