Sunday, August 19, 2018

More Than 66,600 People Have Downloaded Exorcism Apps

More Than 66,600 People Have Downloaded Exorcism Apps

As the Roman Catholic Church faces the biggest clerical sex abuse scandal yet, demand for Catholic-style demon busting is reaching new kinds of heights. Exorcism is a booming industry, with French exorcists charging up to €500, and the Vatican struggling to keep up.
According to a new report from the business intelligence site Compelo, and some extra sleuthing from PJ Media, at least 66600 people have downloaded exorcism apps on their smartphones, seeking to cast out demons without the help of a priest. If the recent Catholic Church scandal makes people wary of men of the cloth, these apps may become even more popular.
In April, about 200 exorcists-in-training arrived in Rome for a week-long class on casting out demons. One of the teachers, 89-year-old Cardinal Ernest Simoni of Albania, led a session on casting out demons over cellphone. He did not mention the separate exorcism apps, however.

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