Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Middle East Christians Suffer Genocide

From 2017...

Middle East Christians suffer genocide, the world just finger-wags


Where will the systematic and unchallenged persecution of Christian communities in the Middle East by the Islamic State stop? Will it be at the dismantlement of every church, and the slaughter of every churchgoer? Or will it be at the exodus of all members of those communities, forced to flee certain death and torment?
Unfortunately, these are two very probable scenarios given the complete inactiveness of world leaders - from the Kremlin, White House, Downing Street, and the Elysee to the United Nations and Pope Francis, who will make a historic and timely visit to Egypt next week on April 28.
Last Sunday, Islamic State suicide bombers turned two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt into scenes of unimaginable horror. Forty-four worshipers celebrating Palm Sunday were brutally ripped apart by bombs and left burning to death, leaving behind church walls and pews stained with innocent blood and torn bodies left lying lifeless. It was the single deadliest day in decades for Egypt's Christians, and the worst since an ISIS bombing attack at a Cairo church killed 30 people last December. Their only crime? Wishing to practice their faith peacefully, in their own place of worship.

April 2, 2018:

Christian family shot dead in Pakistan, IS claims attack

The attacks in Egypt are the latest abomination in a relentless, barbaric war waged by ISIS to rid the Middle East of the ancient Christian communities that have thrived in the region since the first century AD.
ISIS has vowed to systematically kill and persecute Christians in countries from Libya to Iraq, employing tactics that include mass slaughters, beheadings, enslavement, rape,kidnapping, abductions of women and girls, and forced migration. In Iraq, the Christian population has decreased from 1.5 million in 2003 to 200,000 today. If no serious and legitimate action is taken steadfastly, some experts predict that there will be no Christians in the Middle East within 10 years as a result of being either killed or forced to flee persecution.

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