Friday, November 9, 2012

Will Eclipses of November Rock The World?

In the excerpts below By Eli MacKinnon,, two eclipses are described for November:

"...The theatrics start on Nov. 13, when residents of northeastern Australia get a false-start sunrise. Just an hour after the sun breaks the horizon in the coastal city of Cairns...

... a penumbral lunar eclipse that will take place on Nov 28"

Editor's note: These two events represent celestial alignments between the sun, moon and the earth.

Such alignments create geomagnetic and atmospheric disturbances for the earth that increase the risk of quakes, volcanic eruptions and severe weather for 8-10 days after the event.

The eclipse / disaster threat window opens November 13 through December 13 (+- a few days).

Given the current seismic activity on the West Coast of the US, this should be of strong concern.

Brace yourself and prepare.

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