Friday, May 14, 2010

Interfaith Call To Make Mary Mother of All

Mark Miravalle, professor of theology at Franciscan University, echoes the call for declaring Mary of Rome as "the spiritual Mother of all Peoples, in her three motherly roles as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces and Advocate" known as The 5th Marian dogma.

"...Amidst an unprecedented attack on the papacy in recent months, and in light of the July 13, 1917, Fatima prophecy that "the Holy Father will have much to suffer," many wonder if this prophecy referred not only to the assassination attempt of John Paul II on the same anniversary in 1981, but also to the grossly unjust attacks being presently leveled against our own saintly Vicar of Christ."

"In the minds of a significant number of cardinals, bishops, theologians and laity, the best defense for the papacy of Benedict XVI is a Marian offense."

Miravalle references an interfaith Vatican Forum that was held in March 2010. The forum was comprised of like-minded Catholic and Protestant theologians, and Vatican ambassadors. The event's objective was to express support for defining and declaring Mary of Rome as spiritual mother of humanity.

Such a papal declaration would act as a Marian remedy for the current crises facing the pope and the Church.

"We believe the fifth Marian Dogma will help protect us from disasters," said Ambassador Mercedes Tuason, the ambassador from the Philippines to the Holy See."

The forum noted multi-religious acceptance of Mary of Rome around the world "because of the comfort they receive from the concept and the actual intercession of a mother."

Archbishop M. Chinnappa of Madras, India discussed the enthusiastic reception he received from Muslims, Hindus and Christians alike to the call for a fifth Marian dogma.

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