Friday, May 7, 2010

Progressive Christians Funded by Pro Abortion, Pro GLBT, Pro Radical Tides Center

In this piece, Big Tent Christianity Funded By Pro Abortion, Pro LBGT Ford Foundation, we see Brian McLaren's latest campaign funded by the radically left Ford Foundation.

Now, another "progressive" Christian group is underwritten by a radically left organization. In his post, RICHARD ROHR AND THE EMERGING CHURCH AS THE THIRD WAY Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries writes:

"Slowly but surely we’re noticing that more and more progressive Christians, as well as their organizations, are also taking notice as well of the new big tent progressive Christian theology that McLaren’s such a seer of. Take for example something called The Beatitudes Society: Strengthening the Progression Christian Network for justice, compassion, and peace (TBS) of a “Rev.” Anne Sutherland Howard, which gives us the typical progressive/liberal party line..."

The Beatitude Society is a project of the Tides Center. From the Tides center website:

Project Description:

Today in America, the widespread perception of Christianity -- one centered in nationalism, materialism and intolerance -- bears little resemblance to the life and teachings of Jesus, particularly as they concern justice, compassion, and peacemaking. To counter that, The Beatitudes Society develops and sustains a national network of emerging Christian leaders who: Advocate for justice, compassion and peace; Reclaim a Christianity that welcomes all people, especially those at the margins; Articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our fragile planet and our most vulnerable citizens.

The Tides Center and The Tides Foundation have given millions to pro-abortion groups, pro-homosexual ( GLBT ) groups and radical environmental groups.

(How about social justice for the most vulnerable citizens...the 50,000,000+ aborted / murdered babies in America?)

Wade Rathke, the Chair of the Center’s board of directors is also a member of the Tides
Foundation board. Rathke is veteran leftwing activist, is the founder and chief organizer of ACORN—the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now—one of the nation’s largest and most active left-wing pressure groups.

The Tides Foundation has also received grants from the radical left Ford Foundation. The Tides Foundation has made grants to grants to the Ruckus Society, which trained the rioters who tore up Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization conference.

Ruckus director John Sellers makes no apologies for violence:

“I make a distinction between violence and destruction of property. Violence to me is against living things. But inanimate objects? I think you can be destructive, you can use vandalism strategically. It may be violence under the law, but I just don’t think it’s violence.”
(Mother Jones, September/October 2000)

Do Progressive Christians have a conscience? Taking money from the same hands that fund the murder of unborn babies and yet claim to articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our most vulnerable citizens?


Is it even moral to accept money from organizations like the Ford Foundation and the Tides Center?

Watch Glen Beck connect the Tides Center dots.

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