Friday, June 5, 2020

Pope: Anger Toward God a Form of Prayer?

"...We aren’t afraid to argue with God! I will say something that even seems a heresy. Many times, I’ve heard people say to me: “You know, this happened to me and I got angry with God.” “You had the courage to get angry with God? “Yes, I got angry.” “But this is a form of prayer,” because only a child is capable of getting angry with his father and then meet him again. We learn from Abraham to pray with faith, to dialogue, to argue, but always ready to receive the word of God and to put it into practice."

Really?  Did Abraham argue or resist God when asked to travel 3 days up Mt. Moriah to sacrifice Isaac?
Abraham pleaded with God for the lives of innocent people before destroying Sodom, but the Bible is silent on the topic.

Why does the pope put his on spin on the the Biblical account?

Why does the pope reduce God, the Creator, to the frailty of a human father while endorsing bad behavior of an ill-tempered child?

Wasn't Jonah more of an example of anger and disobedience?

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