Monday, July 22, 2019

Are Rich People Infusing Themselves With Young Blood?

Are Rich People Already Infusing Themselves With Young Blood?
Inside the latest longevity pseudoscience.

By Mark Hay

"...These animal studies recently inspired human trials in China, South Korea, and America. Thiel's people have expressed interest in one, by a firm called Ambrosia, which is currently recruiting 600 people to receive injections of 16-to-25-year-olds' blood. These studies, and Thiel and his would-be-ageless ilk's rabid interest in them, have left many ethicists and pundits wringing their hands about how society might respond if young-blood treatments actually came on the market: Beyond the ick factor, many have speculated that such therapies could lead to a dystopian order in which the poor offer up (or are coerced out of) their precious bodily fluids to sustain the life of those at the top of the social heap—not unlike the opening premise of Mad Max: Fury Road."

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