Thursday, March 9, 2017

Muslim Brotherhood: All Hail The Islamic State!

Don’t Let The Muslim Brotherhood Bring This To America

The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a “parallel social structure” in Sweden with the help of political elites who foster a culture of silence, a damning Swedish government report has found. 

Publication of the document about the group has sparked a row in Sweden, reports Hannah Al-Othman in the UK Daily Mail, with critics labelling the report “conspiratorial” and claiming it misrepresents Islam. 

The report, which was published last Friday, was commissioned by Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which is part of the country's Ministry of Defense. 
For those new readers of CHQ who have not followed our coverage of this sinister force of “civilization jihad,” the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928, and aims to organize Muslims politically in order to create a global, Sunni Islamic Caliphate. 

The group is arguably the largest Islamist organization in the world and has in the past been linked to many Islamist organizations in the United States including the Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR) USA, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). These American-based front groups have corresponding chapters or organizations in Canada as well. 
As Thomas Quiggin of the Gatestone Institute documented, Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and their members have an ongoing problem with criminal activity, terrorism-funding activities and overall negative relations with legal authorities.

These problems range from being listed as terrorist groups, being charged for weapons possession and an even an arrest for alleged sexual charges involving a 12-year-old girl. Several of the charges are consistent with the extremist nature of the Muslim Brotherhood itself, given its commitment to violent political change. Both criminal investigations and terrorism listings in North America, for instance, have been directly related to terrorism funding for Hamas, itself a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Now back to the Swedish paper; the paper's authors claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is working to increase the number of practicing Muslims in Sweden, which they say encourages tension with the secular society and puts community cohesion in jeopardy. 

In the report, the Islamism of the MB is described as a totalitarian political ideology born out of Islam, a religion. This can make it “difficult to oppose what on the surface appears to be (a vulnerable minority) religious rights,” explain the analysts at
Perhaps most notably, though, the Muslim Brotherhood in Swden, just like the Muslim Brotherhood in America when Obama was President, was found to enjoy secular support from government institutions, as well as the Left and the Green Party, which were identified as "uncritically viewing Muslims as victims of Islamophobia."
"Over the years, the MB managed to establish a dominant position in the Muslim part of the state-sponsored civil society though aid from a plethora of organizations. Many millions of kronor were channeled from Swedish tax-payers into the world's largest Islamic organization's Swedish branch," the report stated, identifying the Swedish Commission for Government Support to Faith Communities (SST) and the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) as major grant givers concluded an analysis by
Sound familiar? 
“Islamists aim to build a parallel social structure competing with the rest of the Swedish society the values of its citizens. In this sense, MB's activists pose a long-term challenge in terms of the country's social cohesion,” the report says. 
The document, edited by Magnus Norell, claims that as migration to the country increases, so the problems will intensify. 
“Migration from Africa and the Middle East is likely to continue in coming years, both in form of relatives and refugees,” it says. 
The authors also claim the organization is targeting political parties, NGOs, academic institutions and other civil society organizations. 
“Given that MB's goal is to increase the number of practicing Muslims in Swedish or European territory, there is a great likelihood that a “tug of war” will occur between the majority community and the Islamic community with the MB's encouragement.” 
The report further claims that those who criticize the group run the risk of being branded racist or Islamophobic. 
In response to such criticism the report’s editor, Dr. Magnus Norell, was blunt: “Had they smoked something before they read it? You just need to read the report. If someone doesn't accept this, there's not much I can do about it. It's proven.” 
The report specifically stated that the Muslim Brotherhood was trying to Islamize Sweden, with its ultimate goal set as becoming a state based on sharia law. Additionally, numerous Muslim organizations across Sweden were found to be mobilizing their forces in a nationwide Islamic campaign, seeing the spread of Islam as their moral duty.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a vast and sophisticated international Islamist organization—its dedication to Jihad and participation in terrorism represents a significant threat to the United States. What’s more, it’s advocacy of the anti-constitutional doctrine of Sharia supremacy and it’s attempts to set-up Islamist parallel societies here and in other western democracies, such as Sweden, represents a direct threat to American constitutional government.  
We urge President Trump to follow through on his rumored plan to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and for Congress to pass Senator Ted Cruz’s "Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act."

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