Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8 more die from heat stroke across Egypt Death toll from heat wave exceeds 100

More deaths from heat stroke have been reported and hundreds of others have fallen into ill health across 15 governorates on Monday, according to Ministry of Health reports.

The ministry says the majority of deaths were senior citizens.

The number of deaths resulting from heat stroke since the beginning of August has exceeded 100. Among the deaths were prisoners and patients who died from poor conditions and ventilation inside a hospital and prison.

On Monday, Khanka Psychiatric Hospital received seven new air conditioning units following the deaths of 11 patients due to the nationwide heat-wave, the hospital’s director, Mostafa Shehata, told state-run news agency MENA.

Meanwhile, the Shubra first police station installed new air conditioners inside its detention cells after three prisoners died due to poor ventilation during the heat wave, the Qaliubiya security director told MENA.

Since the start of August, the recorded maximum temperature has regularly exceeded 40°C, while humidity rates reached higher than 90% at certain points of the day. According to weather forecasters, the heat wave is not expected to break before 20 August.

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