Friday, October 31, 2014

Connecticut: Human skulls discovered in garbage with witchcraft books & videos

Human skulls discovered in garbage with witchcraft books & videos in Stamford

Police in Stamford, Connecticut are investigating a ghoulish discovery on the eve of Halloween.

Two human skulls were found at the city’s garbage transfer station on Thursday. Stamford police Lieutenant Diedrich  Hohn says a worker at the station discovered the skulls, and the state medical examiner helped determined they were human.
“At that point we also sifted through the garbage that was left there, and we found a mandible which was part of one of the skulls and several books on witchcraft and Satan," Hohn said.  "At that point we found out where the trash came from, it came from a location in Fairfield, and right now my investigators are up in Fairfield going through the house.”
Hohn says police also found videos on Satan worship and witchcraft.  He says police believe the person who possessed the skulls passed away in the last few weeks, and they were thrown out because the house was being cleared.
Police are investigating if the skulls came from a grave robbery, if they were purchased online, or if they are evidence of a homicide.
The state medical examiner has determined the skulls belonged to an older man and woman.

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