Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions

From Watchman's Cry:

Oil Spill in the Gulf – The Waters are Poison

Excerpt: The Gulf of Mexico will no longer be able to provide seafood for America. America obtains approximately 40 to 50% of its seafood from the Gulf.

This poison is also going to make it to shore and contaminate the freshwater supplies of people along the Gulf. This will happen through a combination of arriving oil and the fumes from the oil's VOC’s (volatile organic compounds); i.e.- benzene, methylene chloride, sulfates and other solvents found in the fumes.

The poison will also be from the mix of the dispersants that BP is using to break up the oil. BP’s dispersant of choice at the moment is called CoreExit. This dispersant is very volatile to marine life and to humans.

Oil is toxic in water at 11ppm ( parts per million). CoreExit is toxic at 2.4 ppm (parts per million). This means that CoreExit is approximately 4-5 times more toxic than the oil itself.
Amazingly, the US government is still allowing BP to spread this poison dispersant into the Gulf. At the time of this writing, their use of CoreExit is approaching 1,000,000 gallons!

The poison will also arrive onshore when the hurricane season begins. Future hurricanes may very well send this poison water onto shore through; storm surge, flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and chemical rain!

Listen to this urgent message that details the economic and ecological impact of the Gulf Oil Spill upon the environment, the U.S. population and the North American food supply.

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