Monday, September 22, 2008

Press Release: Pagan Practices Taught by Emergent Church

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Author, talk show guest and former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, Dr. Don Boys, sends this press release out regarding the error of the emergent church:

God warns us in Jer. 10:2, “Learn not the way of the heathen,” but heathenism is exactly what EC leaders are teaching. The Bible gives no support for chanting, centering prayer, yoga, beads, candles, incense, labyrinths, breathe prayers, etc. The Roman Catholic Church brought all those from paganism and baptized them into “Christianity.” I don’t think anything has shocked me in my entire ministry like seeing evangelicals wade waist deep into pagan practices and call it “a return to Christianity”! The New Age (which is really old) has arrived in our churches!

Dr. Don Boys highlights promoters of the return to Rome such as: Robert Webber, Mike Perschon of Youth Specialties, Richard Foster, Rick Warren , Tony Campolo, M. Basil Pennington, and Doug Pagitt.

Editor’s note #1: The list of mystical emergents referenced in Dr. Boys’ press release reads like the shelves of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway Online book store.

HT: Christian Research Network

Editor's note #2 Lifeway is accepting preorders of Robert Webber's latest book, Ancient Future Worship

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