Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve.

When the counsel of God Almighty is exchanged in whole or in part for utilitarian political agendas, false temporal “peace”- so called -, or ecumenical unity you can rest assured that the judgment of God will quickly follow.

The Christian God, Creator and Judge of heaven and earth will not honor a man-centered false gospel, for
His name is Jealous and He is jealous for His bride...

...The leaven of Rome has crept into the American evangelical church through heresy mongers such as
Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Rob Bell and many, many others. Unfortunately the church is ripe for these ravening wolves who seek to rend the flock because of its weak-kneed effeminate leadership.

Where are the Davids who will oppose the spiritual Goliaths that threaten the Lord’s little flock?

Where are the Elijas who will stand boldly before wicked Ahab and proclaim the Word of God?

Where are the
watchmen upon the wall who will sound the alarm in Zion?

I for one say “
Here am I, send me!” It’s no longer a matter of being labeled as “divisive”, or “contentious”. It’s time for men of God to stand up and earnestly contend for the faith.

Read the rest of this timely warning at Defending.Contending.

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