Thursday, July 31, 2008


Over at Camp On This Steve Camp writes:

When we are wronged, spoken falsely about, our character maligned and reputation smudged, how should we as Christians respond? What does the Word of God teach about this, especially when it comes to the arena of blogging?

There has been an issue of late where…, Ken Silva, and his website were forced to go dark because of one complaint lodged against him by another blogger. This other blogger claimed he was slandered by Ken; IMHO, after reading all the documents I could find, he wasn’t. This other blogger made a few mistakes: he never contacted Ken directly; he did not follow biblical guidelines for resolve; and he tried to deal with this by reporting Ken to an easily intimated web hosting company of his blog. The next thing you know, Ken’s site is gone - sent to electron heaven…

HT: Christian Research Network

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  1. Re: "Ken's website was forced to go dark because of one complaint lodged against him by another blogger"

    I don't think this is accurate.

    Ken could have moved easily (I've done it before) to another ISP. Or he could have temporarily removed the so-called offensive post. Or he could have appealed to his ISP.

    I feel that perhaps Ken made the most of this for some reason. But he was not forced to go dark.

    By the way ... I generally agree with Ken (although I have not considered every post from his site). AND I agree with Ken about Rick Warren. So I am not anti-Ken.


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