Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DISASTER ALERT: Solar Flares + Full Moon + Equinox + Weak Magnetic Field = Disaster

On March 9, 2011, solar flares started to pummel the weak magnetic field of the earth creating geomagnetic storms. On the same day, Massive 6.0+ Mag Aftershocks After 7.2 Mag Quake struck Japan.

On March 10, 2011 Watcher's Lamp warned of increased severe weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity through March 21 due to the ongoing geomagnetic storm caused by the solar flare assault. On the same day 24 were found dead as quake topples homes in SW China.

On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck with the 9.0 magnitude quake and devastating tsunami. Now, while the earth's magnetic field is still recovering from the solar flare attack from last week, the gravitational forces of the March 19th Supermoon and the the conjunction of the moon and the sun at the spring equinox on March 21st will create additional stress on the already struggling magnetic field.

So, what can we expect? Given that the Sun and Moon Trigger Deep Tremors on San Andreas Fault , we know Solar Storms + Weak Magnetic Field = Disasters and cosmic and solar radiation is wreaking havoc on the Earth , the threat of more severe weather, increased volcanic and earthquake activity remains high.

Anyone else expressing similar concern? There are a few experts such as Piers Corbyn at who explained how The massive Japan Earthquake and Tsunami were triggered by massive events on the Sun .

Matt Battros of and author of Solar Rain provides empirical data regarding the "symbiotic and closely knit relationship between what happens on the Sun, and what can cause almost immediate problems on Earth. "

Now, geologist Jim Berkland issues an ominous warning regarding the threat of a major US quake due to the gravitational perfect storm...

The US West Coast, The Yellowstone Region, and the New Madrid Fault Zone may be at the greatest risk for a geological event during the next 6-8 days.

See more about the magnetic ropes that connect the earth and sun causing tsunamis, severe weather, and earthquakes in this 2007 post WARNING: The Coming Solar Storm , WARNING: The Coming Solar Storm, Part II, The Coming Solar Storm Part III and The Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast .

Learn more here about the cause and effect relationship between the sun and the earth.

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  1. I am wondering about this myself. Being in California, I am not looking forward to it. I will trust in God's sovereignty for my safety and my family's as well.

  2. I'm glad we left California, my native state. We will keep you in our prayers for your safety!!!


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