Monday, April 6, 2009

Solar Storms + Weak Magnetic Field = Disasters

Considering where the solar cycle minimum is now, we may expect two years of harsh, cold dry winters. Based on Solar Cycle 24's newest data, more earthquakes may be triggered between now and end of 2012 due to the predicted sharp rise of the sunspot numbers this cycle. When you this fast climb, coupled with the alarming decrease in the Sun's protective shield around the solar system (heliosphere), we could see severe changes in the Earth's magnetic field and possibly even the beginning of the magnetic pole reversal.

See also WARNING: The Coming Solar Storm & more on the impact of solar activity on the earth.


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  3. to bad the human race cannot understand this at all thay think it is all bull... we are all in this planet when the sun makes a planet on 2012 we will get a big push of move thru space. we will get verry cold on earth and other bad things will happen as will. so how can we stop this we cant. all you god persons i hope you see him but be real for the day its comming soon.

  4. The age of AQUARIUS is hear in 2011.
    the planet earth will have a QUANTUM LEAP in space in 2012. on aug 1 2010 a massive solar flare violently erupts and bursts through the suns chromosphere then outward into space.when you see dead things and big snowstorms you will under stand i hope. a solar wind stream flowing from the coronal holes from the sun should reach the earth by the jan 13th.

  5. haha, whatever:D


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