Sunday, April 25, 2010

US Heartland Ravaged As US Pressures Israel

Mitchell Ends Mideast Peace Mission, No Breakthrough

U.S President Barack Obama's point man in the Middle East has little to show for his latest peace mission.

U.S. envoy George Mitchell held three days of separate meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, but failed to achieve a breakthrough on resuming peace talks. He said he will return again next week.

"I look forward to continuing our efforts to achieve comprehensive peace and security in the region, including a two-state solution," Mitchell said.

Mitchell's last meeting was with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke afterward to his Cabinet.

Mr. Netanyahu said Israel and the United States want to restart peace talks immediately, and he hopes the Palestinians share the same goal.

But the Palestinians have balked, saying they will not return to peace talks until Israel freezes construction projects in disputed East Jerusalem. Backed by the U.S., the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. But Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its eternal capital and says it can build anywhere in the city.

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