Thursday, April 1, 2010

Schuller's Crystal Cathedral hit with $2M in lawsuits

The Associated Press

GARDEN GROVE, Calif.—Three businesses have sued the Crystal Cathedral megachurch for more than $2 million combined in unpaid bills.
It's another blow for the pioneering Orange County megachurch, which airs the "Hour of Power" to viewers worldwide each week.

Last week, several vendors claimed the ministry owes them tens of thousands of dollars for services provided during the annual "Glory of Christmas" extravaganza.

The church has a $55 million budget deficit and recently conducted layoffs, sold church property and reduced the number of TV stations airing the "Hour of Power" telecast.

The 10,000-member church was founded more than a half-century ago by the Rev. Robert H. Schuller who preached the power of positive thinking.

Editor's note: Even the secular media can discern the root of Schuller's theology-psychology.

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