Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over 80 Tornadoes In Last Three Days

From Wood TV 8

The Yazoo tornado was moving at 55 mph. 49 tornadoes on Saturday in 7 states as of 11:30 PM, 115 wind damage reports and 61 large hail (to softball-size near Henderson, TN). Follow storm reports here. Click the map above to read the discussion. Here’s southern regional radar – some big storms down there. Sat. AM update: We had 8 tornadoes Friday, 12 wind and 44 hail reports up to tennis-ball size. 32 tornadoes on Thursday (though I bet some of these are duplicates, seen from two sides). That’s 40 tornadoes in two days. Stratton, Colorado had hail pile up 3″ deep Thursday PM. The El Nino and colder than average water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico have combined to bring us a near record slow start to the severe weather season in the U.S. Prior to Thursday we had only 19 tornadoes in the month of April (less than one per day) in the entire U.S. and only 97 since the start of the year.

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