Monday, April 26, 2010

Rick Warren Sports Interfaith Fashion

Rick Warren dresses for the occassion in Religious Leaders Meet for Interfaith Dialogue at Sinai Temple .

The cap Warren wore for this event is as known a Kufi.

This style cap is typically worn by people of African descent of all faiths including Christians, African Jews, Black Hebrew Israelites, Muslims, and Buddhists.

It certainly is appropriate for this event and a match for Warren's ecumenical theology.

Seth Brisk of the AJC kicked off the event with the interfaith accomplishments of the AJC. He noted that the AJC:

Warren sets up his civility strawman argument, emphasizes that tolerance equates to civility. He paints with the broad brush how "It pleases God when we work together...America, in particular, is getting quite rude... we have to restore civility..."

Hats off to America's Pastor for once again misrepesenting Biblical Christianity to the general public.


  1. We can all disagree on levels of "bridge building" in order to reach the lost. But there is nothing more damaging to the gospel than these inter-faith dialogues. It lends credibility to lies; it replaces the Word with words; and it presents Christ as one of many.

    This does prove one thing: compromise is never multiplies in depth and breadth, and in the end good intentions become bridges to hell.

  2. It does not help that John Piper seems to have put his stamp of approval on this apostate.


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