Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing link between man and apes found

From the Telegraph

The new species of hominid, the evolutionary branch of primates that includes humans, is to be revealed when the two-million-year-old skeleton of a child is unveiled this week.

Scientists believe the almost-complete fossilised skeleton belonged to a previously-unknown type of early human ancestor that may have been a intermediate stage as ape-men evolved into the first species of advanced humans, Homo habilis.

Experts who have seen the skeleton say it shares characteristics with Homo habilis, whose emergence 2.5 million years ago is seen as a key stage in the evolution of our species.
The new discovery could help to rewrite the history of human evolution by filling in crucial gaps in the scientific knowledge.

Most fossilised hominid remains are little more than scattered fragments of bone, so the discovery of an almost-complete skeleton will allow scientists to answer key questions about what our early ancestors looked like and when they began walking upright on two legs.

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  1. LOL... and I am laughing out loud!

    Exactly what HAVE Scientists found?
    Please can we get some Godly wisdom on this subject! Why has it taken so long to find 'ONLY ONE' missing 'link'...perhaps because it is NOT a missing link at all.. but a human, born abnormally?..or an ape which had been born as a freak of nature? With all of the diggings & researching Scientists have done on this matter it is surprising to me that they are trying to PROVE evolution because of ONE more pile of bones which THEY are trying to 'put together' once more... How can there be human evolution when evolution means CHANGING the ORIGINAL? Hello! Why are there still humans AND apes living in the SAME time frame! I have to laugh again when I read how Scientists are trying to find out when humans first started to walk upright.. :) READ THIS- It was from the first moment that the LORD our GOD created man in His own image and breathed the breath of life into us... ! I wish Scientists would spend more time
    researching the BIBLE... They would save us billions of dollars!

  2. Well, as usual, it will probably be several years, then this so called "link" will be relegated to full monkey status as all the others. In the mean time, evolutionists will run with it until it quietly goes away.


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