Tuesday, May 18, 2010


50 days counted out from Firstfruits is Shavuot or Pentecost. God comes down to His covenant people in an earthshaking day of visitation. It is a betrothal leading into magnificent future glories.

By Gavin Finley at End Time Pilgrim:

50 days from the day the firstfruits of the barley harvest was waved before the Lord, (50 days from the morrow after the sabbath after Passover), is Shavuot or the Day of Pentecost. Rabbinic scholars believe that it was on this day that God visited His people after their exodus from Egypt and through Moses, brought the Law down from Mount Sinai. This earthshaking day of visitation, trembling, and betrothal is the birthday of the nation of Israel...

...50 days from the day the Firstfruits of the barley harvest was waved before the Lord, (that is 50 days from the morrow after the weekly (Saturday) sabbath after Passover), in the summer of the year of Yeshua's passion, YHVH-God visits His people by His Holy Spirit. This is another earthshaking day of visitation and betrothal. But on this occasion God's Presence is not as unapproachable as on the former visitation back at Sinai. Moses had ordered 12 boundary markers placed around the foot of the mountain to hold back the people lest the fire of God flash out upon them. Amidst the thunderings and lightnings God came down as a consuming fire and blackened the entire summit. Only Moses could stand in God's Presence.

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