Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pope's visit to Portgual may shed light on Third Secret of Fatima

The Telegraph

The Pope will travel to Portugal this week amid hopes that he might shed light on one of the Catholic Church's most intriguing mysteries – the so-called Third Secret of Fatima.

During his four day visit, Benedict XVI will pray at the shrine of Fatima, one of the best known centres of Catholic pilgrimage in the world and the focus of endless conspiracy theories and Doomsday predictions.

Its cult is founded on the belief that three shepherd children witnessed a series of apparitions and prophecies of the Virgin Mary in 1917.

Three secrets were supposedly disclosed to them, with the first and second relating to a vision of Hell and predicting the end of World War I, the outbreak of World War II, the collapse of the Soviet Union and Russia's return to Christianity.

The third secret was only disclosed by the Vatican in 2000 and was said to have foretold the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II by a Turkish gunman in 1981.

There has been intense speculation ever since that the Vatican withheld part of the secret, which is said to have concerned the Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church, the rise of an anti-Pope or even nuclear Armageddon. The Holy See claims that it has released the full text of the secret and that it is holding nothing back, but many Catholics are not convinced.

Benedict is one of the world's leading authorities on the mystery because as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, before he was elected Pope in 2005, he was responsible for developing the Vatican's official position on the miracle of Fatima and wrote a scholarly interpretation of the Third Secret.

Editor's note: Cardinal Ratzinger ( Pope Benedict ) was accused of participating in a cover up of the real third secret which is believed by many to have foretold of deep rifts in the Roman Catholic church...

Father Charles Fiore, in a taped interview, made the following remarks with regard to Cardinal Ratzinger's various statements about the Third Secret: "We have two different Cardinal Ratzingers; we have two different messages. But Malachi [Martin] was consistent all the way through; he believed that the Third Secret of Fatima had to do [...] with the internal problems of the Catholic Church."[29] On a syndicated radio broadcast, Father Malachi Martin was asked the following question by a caller: "I had a Jesuit priest tell me more of the Third Secret of Fatima years ago, in Perth. He said, among other things, the last pope would be under control of Satan... Any comment on that?" Fr. Martin responded, "Yes, it sounds as if they were reading, or being told, the text of the Third Secret. But it's sufficiently vague to make one hesitate— it sounds like it."[28]

In a taped interview with Bernard Janzen, Fr. Martin was asked the following question: "Who are the people who are working so hard to suppress Fatima?" Fr. Martin responded, "A bunch, a whole bunch, of Catholic prelates in Rome, who belong to Satan. They're servants of Satan. And the servants of Satan outside the Church, in various organizations; they want to destroy the Catholicism of the Church, and keep it as a stabilizing factor in human affairs. It's an alliance. A dirty alliance, a filthy alliance, but a very good alliance."[44] In the same interview, Fr. Martin also said with respect to Lucia that, "They've (The Vatican) published forged letters in her name; they've made her say things she didn't want to say. They put statements on her lips she never made."

Listen to 30 year exorcist Malachi Martin discuss the third secret here.

See the mysterious circumstances surrounding Martin's death.

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  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Isn't the catholic church under the influence of Satan? All these visions aren't from Heaven.
    I once heard a great sermon...in it was that because of the spread of the (true) gospel after the ascension of Christ Satan was thrown so off guard, he couldn't do anything for 300 years. Then he thought up the catholic church and elevated man, "The Holy Father" "the Vicar of Christ"...these are names for God & Christ alone.

  2. Wes and Jennifer IrvineMay 11, 2010

    The Roman Catholic church has ALWAYS been under the influence of Satan. If you do a little digging, you will find that they have their own Lodge and are a law unto themselves. The Pope is the the great Usurper of Christ Jesus, the false Holy Father and the false Vicar,the Vicar of Christ is the Holy Spirit. As C. H. Spurgeon said: "NO SANE MAN OUGHT TO RAISE A QUESTION" (as to who Antichrist is.)


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