Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A German View of American Mega-Religion

German magazine columnist Susanne Weingarten shares her observations on American faith...

The Recipe for Success at American Megachurches
"The megachurches mushrooming in the United States are mammoth feel-good temples providing entertainment for one and all... Megachurches use innovative packaging to sell religion. It's user-friendly, practical, authentic, and modern. The Christian is the customer. They have learned a thing or two from shopping malls and big business. They woo their target group with a heavy dose of entertainment, sophisticated technology, wall-to-wall ideas for success at home and at work, and a spring-inyour-stride message that everything's good..."

"Megachurches sell the Christian faith as the (only) path to a better, happier life. And American suburbia is lapping up this new brand of spiritual comfort food."

Read the political side of her story.

See the megachurch social agenda side of the story.


  1. I agree. John MacArthur's mega church (over 8,000 members) is overly practical and authentic.

    We are talking about all mega churches, right?

  2. The writer in her 3-part story clearly reflects the worldly, man-centered, commercial driven, crowd pleasing, politically correct club members of the mega church industry. (And she doesn't doesn't even claim affiliation with a discernment website !)

    None of which resemble the God honoring, Christ-centered, Bible believing, Spirit led, sin convicting, saint equipping, Christ returning, 30 year ministry of Grace Community Church.

    Find out more by visiting You'll never feel like you visited a mega church website, or heard or read the "typical" mega church message.

    But you'll come face to face with the Truth of God's Word, as delivered by a faithful shepherd of the flock of Christ.

  3. That's right, anon. How dare you question the great John MacArthur. Don't you know he and his church can do no wrong?

  4. rayjr,
    yes I'm sure John MacArthur can do wrong, the difference is since he is a born again beilever, he doesn't "practice" sin, (doing wrong) like so many of the mega world like so called "churches" are practicing. I need to search my heart on this, but please answer me this: Is complete sarcasm being "Christ like" if it isn't, neither one of us or any other beleiver needs to "practice" it.

  5. So, the author should have written clearly that SOME mega churches have those characteristics, right? Because she didn't do that.

    She basically said ALL mega churches are like that. so John MacArthur's church would be totally washed over with that rather large brush.

  6. Ryan,

    I suspect John MacArthur wouldn't give a rip about what a secular journalist says about him or Grace Community Church.(As he clearly demonstrates time and time again on national television shows such as Larry King). The God fearing pastor and congregation seeks to please The Lord, not man. I guess it comes down to your true focus.

    I wonder if the other mega pastors really feel the same way, or perhaps MacArthur is one of the few exceptions. One way to find out is just turn on the TV and see who is "mugging" for the camera.


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