Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Missouri Baptist Convention "on the brink of a civil war."

In the previous post,SBC Pastor Ken Silva was identified as one of the few voices in the wilderness calling out to the SBC to return to Biblical orthodoxy and ecclesiology. Another voice joins the cry...

Roger Moran sounds the alarm regarding the influence of the emerging church movement. While other state conventions are embracing emergent theology, Moran has drawn a line in the sand. Moran recently stated that the Missouri Baptist Convention is "on the brink of a civil war" because of the creep of emergent theology.

Tim Townsend of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH reports:
"Moran is one of three Missouri representatives on the executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, and last month, he took his pleas to Nashville, Tenn., where the denomination is based. "The emerging church is "one of the most dangerous and deceptive movements to infiltrate the ranks of Southern Baptist life," he told the executive committee.

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...and here at Apprising Ministries.


  1. I've never commented before but think this is important that someone stood up to voice their concern. Someone who might actually be listened to. My wife and I stood up to voice our concerns about the purpose driven takeover of our church and were easily pushed aside because we're nobodies. When the pastors and elders who are physicians and bankers combine to go the postmodern route it is hard to stop and takes somone substantial to stop it. My hats off to Mr.Moran (and Ken Silva too).

  2. I agree. I have seen the purpose-driven (or emergent) takeover of the church and I was pushed aside. We have a few other leaders in church growing concerned too and we are starting to band up on this.

    As the Post-Dispatch is also in the same (Lee Enterprises) family of publications as the local newspaper, I called the news department of our paper and recommended this article.

    The dangers of the Emergent Church are true, and Mr. Moran understands that churches are joining the Willow Creek Association, and the WCA is denomination-like. It is the home of such misfits as Brian McLaren, and his theology that conflicts with basic Christianity.

    Great job by Mr. Moran and Mr. Silva.


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