Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Emergents Cast The Second Stone

Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries shares two video clips produced by Emergents who throw the second stone : mocking Christians, creating a new identity for themselves as "Christ followers". Interesting to note how the new "Christ followers" out of their own imaginations create their version of God's Word, and an experiential religious service. Of course, they have a book soon to be released to validate their path to God.

Rick Warren threw the first stone on ABC's NIGHTLINE blaming "indulgent Christians" for church splits over his ecumenical, man-centered church marketing program. Rick Warren forecasted the stone throwing when he stated that fundamentalism will be one of the big enemies of the 21st century. Rick set the new example as to "loving your neighbor", and the Emergents seem to be following suit.

Now, it seems there are two segments of Christianity forming, the "popular" Christians and the "problem" Christians. The "problem" Christians are those who have been told "You have a problem" because they stand up and challenge the departure from Biblical doctrine. They stand up and call out the pursuit of worldly worship services. They stand up and call out for their church to look how far it has fallen and return to it's first love.

Which group will be willing to suffer for the glory of God? Time will soon tell, as more stones will be cast at the Bible believing, God fearing, problem creating Christians.

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  1. Yes, this sounds very much like a popular psychological tactic, as well: They decide you need treatment. You refuse, so they additionally diagnose you as having oppositional-defiant disorder.

    It comes from the assumption that, well, you have a problem and they know what it is. They're not interested in hearing your side of it; they have this notion of how you SHOULD be behaving. After all, if you were "normal," you'd be like them, right?


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