Monday, March 26, 2007

Call For Homosexual Dignity or Criminalization of Christianity

Ekklesia, a UK "think-tank that promotes transformative theological ideas in public life" reports the following regarding Nigeria's criminalization of homosexuality:

The new measures "would impose brutal penalties on all relationships, activism, advocacy, and shows of affection among lesbian and gay people. It would introduce criminal penalties for any public advocacy or associations supporting the rights of lesbian and gay people, as well as for same-sex relationships and marriage ceremonies. "

That law has prompted a letter of protest, signed by 250 church leaders from the United States. Excerpts of the letter include:

"The Christian leaders call upon the government of Nigeria to "respect basic human dignity and reject the persecution of lesbians and gays by withdrawing the proposed law."

"Christianity teaches us to respect all our sisters and brothers, and that includes lesbians and gays," said Reverend Susan Russell, Senior Associate for Pastoral Life at All Saints Episcopal Church in the US. "Whether in Nigeria or in the United States, the Christian value of human dignity for all is paramount.

"As faith leaders we are committed to building bridges of understanding across divides of difference. We believe all people of faith are called to work together for a world of justice, peace and equality."

Ironically, in London, the Government's Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regulations) 2007 was passed. The result of the vote will mean that rather than balancing rights, the right to live a homosexual lifestyle will trump the right to live a Christian lifestyle." No letter of protest was sent from U.S. church leaders in defense of Christians in the U.K.

Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries summed it up succintly :
"...those who trust the fundamental truths in God's Word for guidance will look like enemies to church leaders who demand conformity to man's social guidelines. Those who refuse to compromise their faith cannot share the global vision for pluralistic solidarity. Unwilling to set aside God's "divisive" old truths, they cannot march to the drum beat of facilitators trained to manipulate minds and mold collective thinkers."

Will your church be able to stand the shaking that the ecumenical call to validate homosexuality will soon cause here in the U.S.? Will it stand for the Truth of God's Word and bear the scourge of the world?


  1. Excellent points. If she's upset about anti-sodomite laws now, I'll bet the Right Reverend Susan Whatserface will have a real cat fit when she sees what God to gays at the judgment.

    I wanted to ask, too. May I link to this site?

    In Christ,
    Phil Perkins.

  2. Phil,

    Please do,thanks for dropping by.


  3. What bugs me is how so many churches, much less people, in this country consider self-destructive behavior and open defiance of God's will to be part of "basic human dignity."

    I wonder if Satan might have used that phrase on Eve...


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