Saturday, March 3, 2007

Calls From The Faithful

For folks who may be concerned about the direction their church is going...

Open Letter to Pastors and Leaders
"Churches that once taught the Bible faithfully verse by verse, preparing the flock for the imminent return of Jesus Christ, now are looking for ways to make their services more seeker-friendly and are less concerned about the prophetic signs we are living in the last of the last days."

Pastor: Who Has Led You Astray?
"Pastor, I used to go to your church; or maybe I still attend it. You may remember that I came to you with a concern about some program, resources, invited speaker, teaching that was being brought into our church. I told you it looked like a false teaching. I even gave you some research that was done with scripture to support my concerns."

How to know if your church is going "commercial".


  1. Thank you for articulating what so many are experiencing out here in the body of Christ. I live in suburban Chicago where there is a church on every corner. It is so disheartening to visit churches and find nobody teaching expositorily the Word of God. Teaching is topical and culturally relevant. Megachurches are swallowing up all the believers (and the tares) so that our neighborhoods and communities are fractured and without a place to worship. I don't have a church home right now for my family...we're searching. I find others from time to time who have discerned what is happening. Thanks for enabling me to share this with you.
    In Christ, Jackie

  2. Jackie,

    Thank you for dropping by and sharing. Your experience, as mine, resembles so many others. I know this, I am grateful to God that He has opened our ears to sound of the True Shepherd's voice, for our redemption draws near...

    God bless & protect



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