Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Radical Islam's War Against the West

Learn more about the The Third Jihad.

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  1. it was a great video compilation until they started singing the praises of the moderate Muslims. There may be "moderate" Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam and that makes it a moot point to discuss the beliefs of people who don't even follow their own system but are Muslim in name only. the moderates(non-violent ones) are the duplicituos counterbalance to the violence called for to force the world to submit. only Islam has the natural duplicity of saying 2 opposing ideas and being OK with that. sounds like satan and his forked tongue. there are no redeeming qualities to this system which has its origins in HELL. every fruit stemming from any facet of Islam is opposite of what our creator God Almighty Jehovah intended. i wish i could repost this link on facebook, but i can't agree with the support of the "moderate" claims. you are being dhimmied if you believe they can alter Islam. read the Quran. you can't even think about questioning ANYTHING in it or Mo himself. the muslim individuals are the biggest victims of all, for they have had their souls stolen at birth by Islamic parents, their brains usurped away by inforced nonuse due to their belief that allah controls everything, and they have had their hearts broken because there is no love in family, society, or from a spiritual being in Islam. it is the saddest situation on earth and why i fight to free them.

    You're doing a good job in covering many interesting topics. Thanks for your courage and bravery. Don't get upset at my disagreement with some of the speakers content. I love your site.

  2. I agree with Linda. There is no reconciliation in Islam, only in Jesus. God is love, and if love is absent in Islam, then God is not there.

    Thank you for the great video.

  3. Linda,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with you entirely.

    America's politically correctness will be it's undoing.


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