Monday, February 28, 2011

The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse Gallops Toward Universalism

Brannon Howse captures the essence of the Purpose Driven error demonstrated by Rick Warren's Daniel Plan here in this 30 minute video...

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"...The fact that Rick Warren can bring this guy who embraces pagan spirituality into his church ought to tell you everything you need to know about Rick Warren.

May I ask those of you...who criticized your friends and families who tried to warn you about Rick you now realize that they were right?

Perhaps you need to go back to them and apologize for being critical when they tried to warn you of a false teacher named Rick Warren."

Editor's note: Immanuel Baptist Church has yet to apologize for the purpose driven dismemberment that occured several years ago. No surprise that it suffered a church split in 2009 at the hand of it's latest seeker sensitive pastor who now is back in business.

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  1. Is it any wonder that Rick Warren does what he does since he is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. Google Rick Warren + CFR and do educate yourself or look at the links below.


  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Good posts exposing Warren.
    I have written two books exposing him...with updates on our new site:



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