Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jordan: Israel is playing with fire


King Abdullah says Netanyahu gov't "must decide if it wants conflict or peace."

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan's king warned Israel in a rare public rebuke that it is "playing with fire" with its settlement policy, and said in comments published Thursday the Jewish state must decide whether it wants peace or war.

"We have warned repeatedly that Israel is playing with fire," King Abdullah II said in an interview published with local newspapers.

The comments from Abdullah, whose country signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, underscore the Jordanian leader's frustration with recent Israeli announcements of new housing for Jews in east Jerusalem.

Israel "must decide if it wants conflict or peace," The Jordanian monarch said, adding that if it is indeed peace, then Israel must take "tangible actions" toward ending settlements and returning to negotiations with Palestinians.

"People are fed up with an open-ended process that does not lead to results," Abdullah said.

A two-state solution was the "only solution" to the crisis, the king said, warning that if no progress is made toward peace soon, then a new cycle violence will erupt for which "the whole world will pay the price."


  1. I am so happy that Abdullah has nothing to do with bulding in Israël.And also not Obama or any other one.
    This land belongs to the Jews and they will decide where and how much they will build.
    Bless the leaders of Israël with their decissions.
    There is soom coming the time that the Lord God who will reign in Israël, as promised by the prophets.

  2. People of the world don't understand, that God has a plan to destroy all nations that come aganist Israel. EZE.CH33to CH38.All of this has to play out.The leaders of the world who oppose Israel are not fighting Israel, but the God of Israel.


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