Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Signs of Extraterrestrial Life at World Economic Forum ?

First, the concept of Truth is deconstructed at the World Economic Forum. Now, the origins of life is on the table as the search for extraterrestrial life is examined at Davos.

One might ask, "How are these topics even relevant to global economic leaders?" Similar questions were tackled by the Brookings Institute in the 1960 report, Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs. An interesting comment regarding the impact of alien disclosure on humanity...

Curiously, the report also suggests that both scientists and religious fundamentalists might have their paradigms most altered by the verification of extraterrestrial life...

That is an understatement. Paradigms in Evangelicalism are already being shifted by the alien theological musings of Progressive Christianity. Add scientific evidence of extraterrestrials, the redesigned origins of life and the Scriptures would be reduced to a historical textbook. Just another book from one of the world's religions.

The God of The Bible would also be reduced to just one of the god's of the world religions. The resultant vacancy of "The Almighty" in the minds of men would soon then be filled by the lawless one.

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  1. Lots of theories revolve around the god of the bible, in my case I don't buy the bible story, the bible is just a copy of older books ever far back as the Sumerians, etc. So UFO disclosure I think is happening very soon.


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